June 21, 2012

Testimony from the Iran Tribunal (Twitter)

The Iran Tribunal (http://www.irantribunal.com/) is a non-binding people’s court looking into Iran’s "bloody decade" when thousands were executed and disappeared. From June 18-20 dozens of witnesses and victims testified.

From June 18-22 testimony is being heard in London. Emotions have been running high. At times even the judges were brought to tears.

Some of the testimony has been shared over twitter using the hashtag #IranTribunal.

One testimony: cleric sentenced me to death after 5 minute hearing.judge’s 4 year son on his lap saying "dad kill him too" #irantribunalRoger Boyes
People here struggling to listen to testimony that – for many – is still clearly to vivid. #IranTribunalPaul Regan
#Iran Tribunal Observers openly weep as witnesses to 1988 massacre testify. http://www.irantribunal.com/Eng/Sessions.htmlEvan Siegel
For some, conversion to Islam meant their lives would be spared.
"They shoved us in coffins for months on end and recited the Koran at us, until some agreed to convert and embrace Islam". #IranTribunalEylon Aslan-Levy
Children were not exempt from torture and execution.
Day 3, " They had arrested a 9 year old girl."Iran Tribunal
"They executed my 11 year old nephew, my 2 children, my 2 brothers and my son-in-law. "Iran Tribunal
A 30 year old witness just testified at Iran Tribunal: her parents were detained in 1982. She was born inside prison 40 days before… 1/3Fazel Hawramy
Many families received invoices for the execution of loved ones.
@IranTribunal The mourning families had to pay for the rope or the bullet to get the body of their beloved.Bep Welleweerd
"We tried to make hand signals to the prisoners in the yard that they were to be executed, but to no avail." #IranTribunalEylon Aslan-Levy
Access to legal counsel was denied and as was access to their families. Families were rarely alerted to the status of loved ones.
"We couldn’t find my brother; then we saw him on TV in a mass trial of 35. No lawyers or right to defend themselves." #IranTribunalEylon Aslan-Levy
Brother executed without a guilty verdict ever being publicly announced. Family never told. #IranTribunalPaul Regan
Seyamand Daneshvar, a witness,shows this photo at Iran Tribunal saying the hanging in 1980s started from Kurdistan http://pic.twitter.com/iLuT8b9bFazel Hawramy
Women spoke of repeated rape and beatings. Some committed suicide.
"The floggings were so bad that some women prisoners hanged themselves on their black chadors." #IranTribunalEylon Aslan-Levy
Once again I’m amazed by the bravery and endurance shown by the witnesses at the #IranTribunalPaul Regan
Former PM Mousavi on 1988 massacres:”We had to crush the conspiracy – in that respect we have no mercy.”http://is.gd/sQRtVr #IranTribunalkurdish blogger
"They didn’t let us to put dust on graves. told us u have to put just stone" witness testimony #IranTribunalnegin shiraghaei

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