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Deepening Human Rights Crisis in Iran

The new administration of President Hassan Rouhani has pledged to tackle a range of human rights issues in Iran, by eliminating discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities, and ensuring respect for the right to freedom of expression, among other measures. Despite these welcome signals, human rights abuses are deeply rooted in Iran’s laws and policies, many of which pose a serious barrier to the executive branch’s ability to push through much needed rights reforms.

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Iran: Release Azerbaijani Rights Activists on Hunger Strike

Arseh Sevom has joined a number of organizations in calling for the release of five Azerbaijani activists unfairly imprisoned. In protest of their conditions, they began a hunger strike more than four weeks ago and are currently in critical condition. They are among many others who find themselves unfairly convicted for advocating for rights often guaranteed by Iran’s own constitution.

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Security Forces Unlawfully Close Iran’s House of Cinema

Arseh Sevom believes that the interference from governmental bodies and security forces is the primary cause for the problems facing one of the biggest NGOs in Iran. What has happened to the members of House of Cinema in the past few years is a violation of their rights as recognized by the international community and by article 26 of Iran’s own constitution. Over the past few years, members of the House of Cinema have been under pressure from security forces. Now, security forces have locked them out of their own building.

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Human Rights Groups Call for an End to House Arrests of Mousavi, Karroubi, and Rahnavard

Iran: End arbitrary house arrests of Mousavi, Karroubi, and Rahnavard;  Free all prisoners of conscience (Beirut, London, Paris, 13 February 2013) – The Iranian authorities should immediately release from arbitrary house arrest two former presidential candidates Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi, his wife Zahra Rahnavard, author and political activist, …

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