The Editor. December 12, 2013

#Iran — Free Expression, Dream or Reality?

Arseh Sevom— The nuclear agreement may represent a step away from international isolation, but Iran’s people still have a long way to go before breaking down the barriers to dissent and free speech. Read more in this week’s review.


The Editor. April 9, 2013

Iran: Election and Its Discontents

Arseh Sevom — With election season on the horizon, speculation begins about likely candidates while officials create an atmosphere of insecurity with rumors and fear mongering. Civil society actors in Khuzestan are rounded up. The family of a former framer of Iran’s constitution is told that there can be no public gathering for his funeral. [...]

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The Editor. March 8, 2013

Iran: Under Pressure Society Struggles

Arseh Sevom — This week the mother of Neda, the young woman whose death was captured on camera during the demonstrations following the 2009 presidential elections, reminds us of international women’s day. (h/t United4Iran). Ban Ki Moon makes a statement for an end to violence against women and children. Iran’s sociologists report on growing sexual [...]

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The Editor. January 17, 2013

Guard Commander Predicts Unrest Due to Economy

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Severe living conditions and increasing economic problems in Iran, partly as a result of international sanctions, could lead to more unrest in the country in the coming months. Revolutionary Guard commander Naser Shabani predicted that this time “the unrest would start from remote cities in the country rather than Tehran,” BBC Persian [fa] reports. Shabani [...]


The Evil from Within Arseh Sevom–There is no doubt about the immediate results of unprecedented sanctions on the lives of millions of patients in Iran. There is not a single day when we do not hear a new story about medicine shortages in Iran and how it adversely affects Iranians, especially those requiring uninterrupted medication. Over [...]


The Editor. November 27, 2012

Iran: Hunger Strikes and Hungry Families

More than seven million students of all ages have dropped out of school due to economic hardships. Anesthesia is no longer readily available. Family, friends, and supporters call on the human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh to end her hunger strike. “Let the silent observers take over,” they urge. Families go without needed nutrients, even more workers lose their [...]

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Post image for Iran: “We should not bring prisoners into detention vertically and take them out horizontally.”

Questions remain unresolved concerning the death of blogger Sattar Beheshti, while authorities deny that any hunger strikes have taken place among women in prison. Iran’s Health Minister faces parliamentary scrutiny for the depletion of medical supplies, public executions continue, and international airfares double. A single exchange rate is announced and parliament considers a bill that would require single women under 40 to get permission in order to obtain a passport. Read more…


Post image for Iran: The Economy Kills, a Blogger Dies, Sotoudeh Visited

UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect the news that the tragic death of Manouchehr Eslami was not due to a lack of medication. This turned out to be a lie. Hugh Tomlinson reports that the boy had lost too much blood by the time he reached the hospital to be saved. It was [...]


Post image for Iran Civil Society: Hunger Strikes and Unheard Stories

Arseh Sevom–It’s been a bad news week for female prisoners of conscience. Harassment of attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh continues unabated despite international calls for her release. Nine other imprisoned women have embarked on a hunger strike to protest unprovoked and aggressive treatment from prison guards. Director Rakshan Bani Etemad’s latest film, Stories, remains unheard, while workers [...]

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Post image for Iran Civil Society: From International Awards to Economic Suffering

This week in the review of civil society in Iran we mark the passing of religious scholar and political dissident Ahmad Ghabel and the award of the prestigious Sakharov Prize to filmmaker Jafar Panahi and imprisoned lawyer Nassrin Sotoudeh. The non-binding Iran Tribunal closed in The Hague. United for Iran released a report highly critical [...]

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Post image for Iran: Workers Unpaid, Sanctions Sting, Executions for Drug Offenses Up

Arseh Sevom’s weekly review has been offline for awhile, but now we are back. To share stories with us post email, share on our Facebook page or tag us on twitter (#ArsehSevom) Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt Iran’s working class is experiencing a heart-breaking situation with many lost jobs and others still [...]

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The Editor. August 23, 2012

Uncertainty Fuels Economic Woes in Iran

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Interview with Dr. Sara Bazoobandi, Economic Analyst by Reza Haji Hosseini Arseh Sevom – The shadow of sanctions is over Iran. Economic sanctions with the objective of putting pressure on the government are hitting ordinary people hard. Prices are rising moment by moment. The value of the currency is dropping, the price of gold is [...]