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Facebook: Halal? Makruh? Haram?

So Facebook is Halal all of a sudden?
Despite condemnation of social media, it appears that Ayatollah Khamenei now has his own Facebook page. Censorship is as active on Facebook as any other media in Iran — critical comments come down as fast as they go up. Read more to find out what kind of response there has been to the Supreme Leader’s new Facebook presence,

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Two Important Facebook Issues: Privacy and Attack Rumors

This post is part of special series of articles focusing on managing your online security and privacy. The complete series can be found in Persian at this link:

Two Important Facebook Issues

Facebook has been in the news for two unrelated, yet disturbing issues. One concerns rumors of an attack on Facebook by the group Anonymous. The other is related to Facebook’s newest privacy intrusion. People who use its mobile phone application have found that the phone numbers of their contacts are now being imported into Facebook’s database.

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