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Iran: Election Fever and Workers Protest

Arseh Sevom — The elections are coming, which means candidates are finally registering, the internet is slowing, and paranoia is high. In the latest crackdown, dogs walked in public are being confiscated. Iran hasn’t budged on the press freedom index, hanging on to its spot as one of the six worst countries in the world. Workers refuse to let May Day go unnoticed: they celebrate, strike, and protest poor wages and even worse conditions. Ten political prisoners in Evin were transferred to solitary confinement, while permits have been issued for mining in protected natural areas.

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Facebook: Halal? Makruh? Haram?

So Facebook is Halal all of a sudden?
Despite condemnation of social media, it appears that Ayatollah Khamenei now has his own Facebook page. Censorship is as active on Facebook as any other media in Iran — critical comments come down as fast as they go up. Read more to find out what kind of response there has been to the Supreme Leader’s new Facebook presence,

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Civil Society Watch

Iran Civil Society – Sanctions Block Delivery of Medication to New Policies Limit Educational Choices for Girls

We would be remiss if we didn’t congratulate Iran’s Olympic athletes, so congratulations to them. This week, the head of Iran’s Hemophilia Center reminds the world of the unintended consequences of the sanctions: blocked payments for life-saving medications. Girls and women are told they can no longer study a wide …

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Civil Society Watch

Publishers Under Pressure, Prisoners of Conscience Suffer, Attempts to Revive Extinct Tigers

Arseh Sevom — This weekly review features thinly veiled threats from the state to publishers, more censorship from officials, continued suffering of prisoners of conscience, and efforts to revive the extinct Caspian tiger. Publishers vs. the Islamic Republic The Islamic Republic’s clash with private publishers has reached alarming levels and, …

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