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#Iran: Abuse in Soccer Schools, Feminists Speak Out, Economy and Sanctions

Arseh Sevom–Women’s day passes us by and we can look forward to another 364 days dominated by men. Award winning reporterNaeimeh Doustdar wrote for Arseh Sevom: “I know I should be a feminist and am a feminist, yet I wonder why others, men and women, are not. Discrimination is complex, and the struggle is complex. The ideals of feminism are not simply for the benefit of women…” [fa] This week’s review paints a picture of a society struggling with difficult issues: rights, abuse, corruption, and poverty.

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Who is Speaking Out About Human Rights Abuses in Iran?

Writing in the Huffington Post, Hadi Ghaemi and Aaron Rhodes of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran write about the politicization of human rights and the equivocation of the international community when dealing with abuses of those rights. They discuss the conflation of those who advocate for more attention to the human rights situation in Iran with those who advocate for military action, arguing that the two are very different. The West, they argue, and many other countries as well, are squandering an opportunity to hold the government of Iran accountable for abuses. They write, “But with Iran, human rights are not bargained away, they are given away, since the international community gets nothing in return for its silence except scorn.”

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Iranian-Kurdish Law Student’s Execution Stayed

The execution of Habibollah Latifi has been stayed. His sister reports that many demonstrators showed up to protest the execution, “Security forces have threatened the demonstrators [and told them] to disperse, but [this]was not accepted by the people until they were told about the suspension of the sentence by a Sanandaj prison official.” The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports on a meeting between Latifi’s lawyers and the judiciary.

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Punishing Students for Their Opinions

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has released a report detailing abuses against students for dissenting viewpoints. Many high achieving students have been expelled from Iran’s universities. “Excluding students from universities based on their political and religious views is a totalitarian practice that ruins careers and removes reform-oriented young people from future professional cohorts,” said Hadi Ghaemi, the Campaign’s spokesperson.

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