The Editor. December 20, 2012

Iran: Silent War While Life Goes On

Some in Iran are feeling the effects of shortages of medicine and high prices more than others while an artist challenges passersby at the UN to confront the effects. Nassrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi receive the prestigious Sakharov Prize via proxy, calling for justice and freedom. Mohammad Maleki is called to serve a six-year prison [...]

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All over the world people who care about the fate of Nasrin Sotoudeh breathed a collective sigh of relief as word came in that her demands had been met, and she had ended her 49-day hunger strike. Dr. Mohammad Maleki wrote a powerful letter criticizing Iran’s Supreme Leader, the chief of the cybercrimes unit was [...]

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The Evil from Within Arseh Sevom–There is no doubt about the immediate results of unprecedented sanctions on the lives of millions of patients in Iran. There is not a single day when we do not hear a new story about medicine shortages in Iran and how it adversely affects Iranians, especially those requiring uninterrupted medication. Over [...]


The Editor. November 27, 2012

Iran: Hunger Strikes and Hungry Families

More than seven million students of all ages have dropped out of school due to economic hardships. Anesthesia is no longer readily available. Family, friends, and supporters call on the human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh to end her hunger strike. “Let the silent observers take over,” they urge. Families go without needed nutrients, even more workers lose their [...]

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The Editor. October 26, 2012

Sanctions: Who stole my medicine?

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Arseh Sevom – The lives of six million patients in Iran are adversely affected due to shortages of medicine, as an immediate result of unprecedented sanctions. On top of the existing crippling sanctions, the European Union ministers agreed to a new set against Iran, on October 15, These new sanction ban the import of natural [...]


The Editor. August 23, 2012

Uncertainty Fuels Economic Woes in Iran

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Interview with Dr. Sara Bazoobandi, Economic Analyst by Reza Haji Hosseini Arseh Sevom – The shadow of sanctions is over Iran. Economic sanctions with the objective of putting pressure on the government are hitting ordinary people hard. Prices are rising moment by moment. The value of the currency is dropping, the price of gold is [...]


Post image for Iran Civil Society Review–Women Banned from Studying, yet Leading Households

The aftermath of the earthquake in the province of Azerbaijan still dominates news coming out of Iran. Read our post Eager to Help: Iranians Respond to Earthquake for more information. In this review, we look at the news that 130 political prisoners are to be a released. The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit will mean 5 [...]

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Post image for Iran Civil Society Review – From Medals to Disaster

It was a week that began with medals and international sportsmanship yet ended with disaster as two earthquakes hit an area close to Tabriz in Northwestern Iran. Netizens were shocked by the lack of Iranian media coverage of the quakes and an MP called for direct donations and volunteerism. Many inside and outside Iran are [...]

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Post image for Iran Civil Society Review — Uncovering, International Awards, Sanctions, and Park Clean-Up

We are back from our brief break! In this week’s review, Iranian organizations and individuals receive awards for their work on HIV/AIDS while Mississippi doctors try to fix healthcare inequalities by learning from Iran and Iran’s Supreme Leader puts an end to family planning. The Unveil a Woman’s Right to Unveil goes from Facebook to [...]

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Post image for Iran Civil Society: Confessions, Covering Up, and Chicken in the News

In this week’s review, a former IRGC general writes a letter (1) which reads like a confession and covers the mass executions of the 1980s, the nuclear issue, and the flawed 2009 presidential elections. International sanctions combined with economic mismanagement are causing pain in Iran as families find themselves on the streets (2), paychecks go [...]

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Post image for Summary Executions for Ahwazi Arabs, Protesting Sanctions, Sorry Afghan Friends

18th of Tir Anniversary Sunday, the 8th of July 2012 marked the anniversary of the 1999 crackdown on demonstrations of Iranian students. You can read more about the demonstrations and the resulting crackdowns on page 10 of Arseh Sevom’s 2010 report: Attack on Civil Society (pdf). Many consider the 1999 demonstrations as a turning point [...]

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Post image for Prices Sky-Rocket, Concerts Cancelled, Show Us Your Papers, #SaveNarges

The Price of Chicken The price of chicken went up 30% last month alone, while the Financial Times reports that grain is up 55.8%; fruit 66.6%, and vegetables 99.5%. Economic sanctions against Iran have made life more complex. There is more and more news of pressure on vulnerable classes shared on social media and from [...]