The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center

The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center

The Editor. October 7, 2013

Taking Witness Testimony

Gissou Nia, the director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, talked to Arseh Sevom about best practices for interviewing to document human rights violations. This post presents a brief overview of the key points. This does not cover all the points made, so be sure to watch the video too.

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Post image for Opposing Int’l Support for Drug Trafficking Prevention While  the Death Penalty Exists for Drug-Related Offenses

We, the undersigned organizations, strongly oppose the continuing use of the death penalty in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We are concerned that Iran’s radical policies, which allegedly aim to eradicate drug-trafficking and result in the execution of several hundred prisoners every year, are supported in part by international funding.

Of the countries that continue to apply the death penalty in their domestic jurisdictions, Iran leads in number of executions per capita. Many of these executions are conducted in secret and go unreported by official sources. According to reports from human rights groups that document executions in Iran from both official and unofficial sources, roughly 650 executions were carried out in 2010 and 670 in 2011. At the time of the publication of this statement, at least 332 individuals have been executed in 2012. Of these executions, it is estimated that more than 70% are for drug-related offenses.


Post image for IHRDC Report – “On the Margins: Arrest, Imprisonment and Execution of Kurdish Activists in Iran Today”

Arseh Sevom — In just a few weeks, it will be two years since the executions of four Kurdish activists shocked the international community. One of those executed was the teacher Farzad Kamangar whose plight had been the focus of international campaigning. In a report released on April 11 by The Iran Human Rights Documentation [...]

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Post image for Summary of Findings from UN Report on Human Rights in Iran

All you need to know: a quick breakdown of findings from Dr. Ahmed Shaheed’s UN report This summary provides readers with a quick overview of the human rights report provided by Dr. Ahmad Shaheed to the UN Human Rights Council. It is reposted with permission from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (7 March 2012) [...]


The Editor. July 13, 2011

Round-up of News and Opinion

Post image for Round-up of News and Opinion

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center presents a chart of executions in Iran since the 2010, most confirmed by official and semi-official sources.

In the Washington Post, Thomas Erdbrink reports on the effects of sanctions after the Obama administration issued a statement tying one of Iran’s largest ports to the Revolutionary Guards



The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center has published guideline for documenting human rights violations in English (PDF) and Persian (PDF).